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What kind of town do you want Dunmow to be in 15-20 years?

The Neighbourhood Plan contains statements and policies to protect and improve the character of Great Dunmow as it inevitably expands. It is now formally adopted into the legal planning system and will sit alongside Uttlesford District Council's Local Plan. All planning applications will be determined in line with both Plans.

There was a majority 'YES' vote at the referendum on Thursday 3rd November 2016 for the Great Dunmow Neighbourhood Plan. Of the 1,563 votes cast, 92.8% voted to accept the Plan, on a turnout of 20.9%.

The Neighbourhood Plan was four years in the making. It was subject to consultation with professionals and the public, an examination by an independent examiner and approval by Uttlesford District Council before going to referendum.

It was written by the people of Great Dunmow, for the people of Great Dunmow, and was voted in by the people of Great Dunmow.

The Great Dunmow Neighbourhood Plan is the first in the district of Uttlesford, and Great Dunmow is the first town in Essex to produce one.

The Town Council would like to thank the following for their invaluable contributions:

  • The Great Dunmow Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, chaired by Cllr. John Davey
  • Uttlesford District Council
  • Planning Aid England
  • The Rural Community Council of Essex
  • Modicum Planning
  • Easton Planning
  • The people of Great Dunmow

The Town Council extends special grateful thanks to Daniel Bacon, who wrote and produced the Neighbourhood Plan.

For a paper copy of the Neighbourhood Plan please contact the Town Clerk